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Knowledge is as important as air
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Future events
We are diligently preparing and looking for the best speakers!
AIR#2: Antibiotics in combustiology – 26 march 2022
We will meet at a conference in March to discuss all the problematic issues of prescribing antibiotics to patients with burns!
AIR#3: Intensive care and antibiotics - 28 may 2022

The best anesthesiologists and intensivists will gather for a conference on rational antibiotic therapy in intensive care units


AIR#4: Anbitiotics in pediatry – 24 september 2022

Features of antibiotic therapy in children. A large-scale conference awaits all pediatricians in September!

AIR#5: General conference - 25 та 26 november 2022
To the World Month of Rational Antibiotic Therapy
AIR#6: Antibiotics in surgery – 17 december 2022
Advisable using antibiotics for surgical infections

Do we use air uncontrolled?

Do we use AB uncontrolled?

Advisable purpose of AB is needed as air!

Our series of events has been created to highlight the problematic issues of rational use of AB therapy in various specialties!

  • Relevance of the problem!
    Antibiotic resistance is one of the most serious threats to human health
  • Who is this conference for?
    For doctors of ALL specialties, because everyone in their practice meets with AB therapy
  • What will be at the conferences?
    Lecturers of various specialties who are leading experts will work for you
  • What will you get for the conference?
    Current, valuable knowledge and 10 BPR points

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